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So, We the British, have been robbed again.

Well, here we go again, our glorious leader has once again conned us.  It was decided that when VAT went down to 15% that we motorists should not get the advantage of this, so they put up fuel duty to stop us running wild with all that extra money.

Fast forward to this week and we find that there is another rise in fuel duty of 2p per litre.  In December VAT will once again rise to 17.5%.  So, do you think they will lower the fuel duty so that we can all return to normal?  Not likely, this government has decided to keep the fuel duty at the same level and pocket the extra.

The environmental groups think this is a wonderful wheeze, a good way to reduce our dependency on cars and force us all onto public transport.  What a laugh.

Where I live, in a small to medium town in Cheshire, the public transport is a joke.  The nearest train station is over a mile away and buses are so rare they should be added to the endangered species list.

You see, the one thing that the politicians don’t seem to understand is that we do not all live in cities, and particularly London, where there are more buses than you can shake a stick at.  Without cars, towns will die.  People will be forced back into cities and we will have the sort of conditions that appeared the last time there was mass migration into the cities during the Industrial Revolution.

Another problem of living in a town is that most of us have to travel a fair distance to get to work.  For those of us working in the IT industry, where 96% of the data processed in this country is done in the South East, this means working away from home during the week and returning home at weekends, having travelled for hours in our cars, because using a train is eye-wateringly expensive.

The fundamental problem is that we are putting the cart before the horse.  Until there is an adequate public transport system for a significant percentage of the population, we will never be able to give up our cars because we have no alternative.  And, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the big projects like the West Coast Main Line, I’m talking about the infrastructure that supports these major lines – the buses.

So, lets start kicking back.  Write to your MP, or better better still, stand as an independent (look here).  The sooner we get people who understand through experience of life instead of failed academics, accountants and lawyers, the better we will all be.