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Good to see Microsoft hasn’t changed.

I see in the press that Microsoft has been taking other people’s intellectual property … again.  A Canadian company has successfully sued Microsoft for using their proprietary method of using xml in Office.

Over the years, the Big Gorrilla has used other people’s work as their own.  I am reminded of the compression software that was used in MSDOS 6 that cut the skids under a company that was selling a product to do the same thing.  I kind of thought that they had got smarter than this, but it doesn’t look like it.

The next battle ground will be with VMWare I suspect.  Once again, an innovative organisation has produced a product that has caught on in the marketplace – then what happens? MS announce a similar product in their latest server operating system.

I remember the Comdex conference when MS conned the world into thinking that they had a wonderful product up and running called Windows.  All that was there was a mock up, but it was enough to kill Gem, that they were scared would steal a march on them.

Let me get this straight, I am not anti Microsoft.  The operating system market would be a disaster if things had carried on the way they were: every manufacturer having their own version of CP/M or QDOS, or whatever.  Standardisation was a big boon, and Apple didn’t have the imagination to achieve it at the time.  But the time has some for the Seattle Slugger to be reined in.

When they regard other people’s intellectual property with such contempt, how can they complain when others pirate their software?