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Well done Apple – failed.

We bought the Angry offspring a iPod Nano for Christmas 2008.  When we got it, we had the free engraving so she would feel it was personal.

Well it started going wrong.  Three times out of six, the iPod would lock up and lose all its data.  Basically it was becoming a prize pain in the arse.  Anyway, I felt it had to go back for repair.  Have you ever tried to prise an iPod out of a teenagers hands whilst there is still traces of life left in it (the iPod, not the teenager, let’s make that quite clear.)?  I tell you, I’d prefer to get meat out of an alligators jaws – it would be safer.

Anyway, after I’d put the cattle prod away I took it to the local Apple repair place.  “Ah”, says the man.  Now don’t you always hate that sound?  It automatically means trouble, usually with a capital F.

Ah? says I, in the hope that it would somehow balance the negative karma produced by the first utterance.  But it didn’t work – “If it wasn’t engraved, you’d get it replaced in 24 hours, but engraved items take 7 days.”  A week??? WTF???  He must have seen the sorrowful look on my face at that moment, as he said “Maybe less.”  Now you have to understand that Ms. Angry has a deformation, her hand is locked in a vice-like grip in exactly the shape of a Nano – she is going to look weird walking the streets, talking to herself, with what looks like a Lego characters claw.

It’s now been two weeks since I delivered the Nano into the hands of my nemesis, and there is still no sign of it.  I rang on the eighth day and every day after that, but to no avail.   Evidently it arrived on day seven, but without any engraving, so it had to go back, now I am awaiting a replacement for that.

Evidently, engraved Nano’s have to come direct from the factory in China.  I presume there are no engravers who work in England any  more.  Must be because they don’t want to release their iPods.

So thank you Apple, thank you so bloody. bloody much.