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The time has come to do something

We are fast becoming a pawn of the major corporations.  Our democracies are being controlled by the companies with the largest purses that translate into lobbyists.

In the UK we are about to see the latest manifestation of this in the Digital Economy Bill.  This odious piece of proposed legislation will fundamentally undermine our freedoms.  Not only will a few of the guilty be swept up by it, but also a great number of innocent people will be victimised by it.

Those who are tech savvy will hide their identity behind proxies and encrypted tunnels that will keep them one step ahead of the IP hunters employed by the Big Content industry.

The people who will be caught will be those that download the occasional song, or want to catch up on their favourite television programme.  These people will be hounded, vilified and have their power to communicate curtailed.

Those most affected by it will be those that do not download anything; yes that’s right, those that haven’t done anything wrong.  We have seen many examples in other countries, most notably the USA, of people being wrongly accused of downloading copyrighted content.  Luckily, some of them were able to prove their innocence by proving they were dead or had never owned a computer.  Many more were forced to make settlement with the content enforcers, as they could not afford to fight to clear their names.

In this country, this proposed law will presume guilt until proven innocent, the exact reverse of what we have come to hold dear as our democratic right under our legal system.

It is clear that the only thing that Big Content understands is mammon.  It is therefore logical to hit them where it hurts; in the wallet.

I propose therefore that everyone who buys CD, DVD’s, video games, books and attends the cinema stops until the section of the legislation that is linked to the attack on Internet piracy is removed from the bill.

This may not take as long as it may seem.  The content industry is incredibly detailed in the level of its sales.  It will see the first drop as being a “blip”, especially at this time of year and, as we get closer and closer to Christmas they will get increasingly worried as sales continue to flat line.

“Why should I do this?” I hear you say.  The reason is that lobbyists have to be returned to their proper place, at the bottom of the food chain where they belong.  Soon, other lobbyists will see what an easy target the UK government is, then you will get all sorts of absurd and restrictive laws that erode our way of life.  Look at the laws in the US that are generated by lobby groups and see some of the terrible laws they produce that have eroded their freedoms.

If you agree that we must halt this now, email your friends, reference this blog on your websites, Digg this like mad.  The more people we tell, the more people will boycott these purchases.  The more people who boycott, the more pressure the elected and unelected will be under to remove this abhorrent bill.

Voting for change in government no longer works, time to vote with your wallet.  Boycott CD’s, DVD’s, video games, cinemas and books until they change their ways.  If everyone stops buying even one CD or DVD, the message will get through.

Stop buying for a month or two and they will stop the legislation.  Remember, it is you they are attacking and the attackers are the very people who want you to buy their goods.  Would you buy something from someone who was threatening to disconnect your Internet?

Stop buying for six months and the content industry will have to do two things.  One, they will have to find new ways for you, the public, to get their products, i.e. legal downloading.  Two, they will have to lower their prices, because you, the public will be controlling them, not as it is now, the other way round.

So stop buying now and let’s take back what is ours, our right to choose how and when we listen to music, watch a movie or read a book.  They think we are apathetic, let’s prove them wrong.